Match Day Procedures

Match Scheduling

  1. Check the current week’s brackets to find the team you’re facing. Each Wednesday is the official beginning of a new week.
    Battlefy Brackets
  2. Contact the opponent team captain by messaging them through the HSL Discord Server.
    NOTE: Team captain designations on the Battlefy bracket are inaccurate. Be sure to use the team listings below.
    Team Listings
    HSL Discord Server
  3. The default match time is Saturday 5PM PT.
  4. You may reschedule your match, but both players must agree.
    1. No player may reschedule within 24 hours of the match.
    2. Be sure to use time zones when rescheduling to avoid confusion. We recommend players use either PT or UTC.
    3. A good match scheduling tool is
      When2meet Scheduling Tool
  5. Join the HSL Discord Server for announcements and updates


  1. If you agreed on a different match day and time with the opposing player then you will play on the agreed time, otherwise the match should be played at 5PM PT on Saturday.
  2. Find and contact your opponent in game at least 5 minutes before your scheduled match time.
  3. For procedures on setting up the match, please refer to the Game Settings and Rules section in the Rules.
    Rules: Game Settings
  4. For tournament format and schedule, please refer to the season information page.
    2016-2017 Information
  5. The lower number you are the higher you are ranked in the tournament and the higher number you are ranked the lower you are ranked in the tournament. The higher seed in this case TSM can choose to be A or B because he has a higher seed than HSL.  The veto process for Overwatch works as follows ABAB… until 5 maps remain. Then pick order is BABAC with C being the last map. ow_info_graphic


  1. To claim an absence win, screenshots of relevant conversation and in-game evidence are required.
    1. In-game evidence should include a screenshot with the time (Video Settings->Show System Clock) showing the opponent(s) offline.
    2. Attach the evidence in the match reporting form on the website and include the time zone the clock is showing in the comments field.
  2. If an absence is foreseeable first seek to reschedule the match. If rescheduling deems impossible, please contact an administrator.
  3. More information regarding absences and penalties associated with them can be found in the Penalties section of the Rules.
    Rules: Penalties

Match Submission

  1. After you have played your match, submit the result through the HSL website by clicking on the menu link. Only one player needs to submit a report, but if no submission is received by either team, a coin toss will be performed to advance the bracket (since it is an elimination format).
    1. The match report deadlines are posted on the season information page.
      Submit Match Results
  2. It is the responsibility of all players to confirm all scores are correct on or before Tuesday. Please contact an administrator as soon as possible if there is a scoring error. After Wednesday, scores WILL NOT be changed under any circumstances.


  1. First check the Rules to see if your problem is addressed there.
  2. To contact a tournament administrator, tag them on Discord for the quickest response. You can also send an email to ow (at) hsstarleague (dot) com, but expect a longer response time
    HSL Discord Server

Please remember that all decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules lie solely with the High School Starleague, the decisions of which are final. The official game rules are subject to alteration at any time at the discretion of the High School Starleague.