HSL Overwatch FAQ

Other references: Match Day Procedures, Rules, and the current season’s schedule & format page

A: Battlefy is our tournament bracket platform. It is used simply to identify which team is your opponent. You will not need a Battlefy account as all match reports will be handled through our website. Any team members on Battlefy may also be ignored–use the Team Listings on the HSL website.
A: If a match ends in a draw, the map that was used for that match can no longer be used. In the rare occurrence in which no team achieves 2 victories in 5 matches, another 5 maps should be selected with the same map veto/selection process that is outlined in the Match Day Procedures.
A: Email ow@hsstarleague.com with your team name, players’ full name, BattleTag, email, school, and year in school.
A: If no communication has been established, assume default time. See the match day procedures page for instructions on how to take screenshots to report an absence win if your opponents do not show.
A: By registering for the High School Starleague, you acknowledged that all players on your team would be available on the default time for the entirety of the term. We understand that emergencies may come up, so we allow each team up to two substitute players, and the privilege for teams to attempt to reschedule their match. Since it may be hard to coordinate all the players’ schedules, not all teams can honor rescheduling requests. In this case, the default time will be upheld.